I never spent any significant amount of time in Albuquerque before, but I was always fascinated by the location of the city. On the eastside of town are the impressive Sandia Mountains reaching an altitude of 10619 ft/ 3234 m and on the west-side is the vast expense of a high featureless plateau reaching to the horizon. The contrast of the landscape is very stark. Located at an altitude of 5400 ft / 1650 m the city celebrates in 2018 it’s 312th birthday. As such, Albuquerque is older than the good old US of A. Think about it.

We stayed in Albuquerque because I had to travel to Germany and therefore we needed access to an airport. Other than evaluating two local breweries (Bosque Brewery & Canteen Brewery) we really did not do much in the city. However, we explored the trails of the Cibola National Forest and had a pretty good time. We especially enjoyed the trails on the southeast side of the Sandia Mountains near Tijeras and on the northwest side of the Sandia Mountains near Placitas.

There is one more thing to be said about Albuquerque; the weather sucks. The early spring season is characterized by high winds almost on a daily basis and the air is filled with dust. Due to the altitude nighttime temperatures can be quite chilly.



From Albuquerque we traveled for one week to Santa Fe and then moved to our current homestead in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Are you enjoying the Trump show? What you see is a president and his band of loyalists getting stuck in their web of lies and being increasingly pressured by the special counsel. My advise to Mr. Mueller is to grab them by their balls and I predict their hearts and minds will follow. All of these folks will have to understand that the presidency is more than the person in the oval office and that nobody is above the rule of law. Get the popcorn ready, this will be a hot political summer.

Stay tuned

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