Ignoring relativistic effects one may say that time moves along constant and steady. On a human scale we establish points in time that break the symmetry and provide us a frame of reference. One of these points in time will pass tonight when the year 2017 ends and the year 2018 begins.

After 9100 miles of motorhome travel and 44 stops in 2017 we are at rest until February 2018 in the California desert.

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I wish all of you a happy, healthy and successful 2018. Stay tuned.


Moving to the Winter Playground

Today is Christmas and I have not blogged for about 7 weeks; it’s time for an update. We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy the holidays.

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From Arcadia, CA we traveled to the San Francisco Bay area for a three-week stay on the Alameda fairground in Pleasanton. The fairground RV Park is essentially a big gravel parking lot, void of any architectural or scenic beauty with plenty of permanent residents. Folks staying there semi-permanently have to move after each 3rd week for a minimum of two days in order to comply with the maximum stay limitations of Alameda county. Being close to our former home, we had a full program of visiting friends, hiking in our favored regional parks, submitting the Honda Fit for a service to our trusted mechanic, etc.


After more than a year away from the San Francisco bay area things we took for granted for more than 20 years appeared unreasonable during this visit. The traffic was just horrendous. After traveling on open roads across the country for more than a year the traffic in the San Francisco bay area was just too much. The amount of time Californians waste sitting in their cars is ungodly. Prices in general and fuel prices in particular are painfully high. The homeless problem in Oakland has grown significantly since our departure and large homeless encampments have been established in several parts of the city.

From Pleasanton we traveled for an extended weekend to Bakersfield at the edge of the Mohave Desert to wait out the busy days after the Thanksgiving holiday. There is nothing to report about Bakersfield, particularly nothing about the downtown area. It is fair to say that Bakersfield is a city of 370.000 people with not much going on. On a positive note, the dogs and I discovered and hiked the fantastic Wind Wolves Preserve about 30 miles southwest of town.



Leaving Bakersfield to the southeast led us quickly into the Mohave Desert to the town of Ridgecrest. 20 miles east of Ridgecrest a bumpy and unpaved road leads to the Trona Pinnacles Monument, a truly bizarre desert landscape. We boon-docked at the monument for four days and had the place largely to ourselves. Daytime temperatures were warm but not hot and nighttime temperatures were cool but not cold. The dogs loved the place because they didn’t have to be on the leash at any time and we explored the monument in detail.



After the days of tranquility in the desert we continued our trip southeast. Crossing the Colorado River into Arizona where we stayed for one week in Lake Havasu City. Aside from large gatherings of snowbirds there was not much going on in town. However, we found some nice hiking locations on the south side of town off highway 95.



At the moment we are located in Desert Hot Springs, CA where we are currently scheduled to stay until early January 2018. We have some technical problems in the living quarters of the motorhome that need to be fixed before we move on.

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Yesterday we prepared Uszka (small dumplings filled with mushroom and rice) for our traditional polish Christmas Eve dinner.

You all have a happy and successful 2018 and stay tuned.