California, here we come ……..

Florence, a 10.000 souls community on the central Oregon coast has been home to us for the last week. Located at the delta of the Siuslaw river the city offers a cute downtown with some good seafood restaurants and watering holes. The coastline around Florence is stunningly beautiful and is interrupted by high cliffs and quaint sandy beaches. Even better, dogs are allowed to roam off-leash on all Oregon beaches.


Because of the tight and curvy nature of the road, the 180 miles/ 290 km trip from Astoria to Florence along highway 101 south took approximately 5 hours. The GPS used in the motorhome considers the dimension of the vehicle in choosing the most appropriate route from point A to point B. While rolling on highway 101, the GPS persistently tried to direct us to interstate highway I5 which we stubbornly denied. Approaching the Heceta Head approximately 15 miles/ 22km north of Florence the GPS gave a final warning about an upcoming tunnel with a 11 ft 6 inches height limitation. Our motorhome is approximately 13 ft high. If this limitation were real we would have to unhitch the tow vehicle and turn the motorhome around on a very tight and exposed two-lane road. However, I did not believe that the GPS is correct and cautiously moved on until we met the object, a tunnel that indeed was 11 ft 6 inches on the sides but 14 ft 6 inches in the middle. We waited for a moment of no oncoming traffic and drove in the middle of the tunnel occupying parts of both lanes.

Believe it or not, we had a mouse in the Honda Fit. It is a mystery to me how these little buggers get into closed spaces. The no-kill trap and a piece of cheese did the trick again.

The republican lawmakers in Washington, DC voted last week to permit oil drilling in ANWR, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Unlike these clowns, I have been to ANWR several times and seen the unspoiled nature of this place. Do we really need to sacrifice it for oil and gas extraction? Clearly, there is no lack of drilling and fracking sites in the USA. We just crossed North Dakota and I know what I am talking about. BTW, some of this oil and gas, whether we like it or not, will have to be left in the ground. We cannot afford to burn it all.

Stay tuned.


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