We are back on the West-Coast

…. and that is a good thing. We crossed the country from Bemidji, MN to Wallowa, OR.

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 10.38.32 AM

We took our sweet time for the 1500 miles/2400 km crossing but we also did not spend a lot of time in any of the locations we stopped along the way. The most time we spent in Dickinson, ND where we visited the Theodore Roosevelt National Park and the Enchanted Highway.



While traveling on I94 the landscape changed dramatically once we passed Bismarck, ND. Forests and lakes slowly turned into the treeless prairie of the “Great Plaines”. The prairie did not give way until we reached the foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Billings, MT. From there we rolled through Missoula, MT into Coeur d’Alene, ID and into Lewiston, WA. The short 80 miles/130 km trip after crossing the Snake River from Lewiston, WA to Enterprise, OR was some of the tightest and most curvy road I drove in a 20 ton vehicle. That kind of road separates the boys from the men.

At the moment we are located in Wallowa, OR surrounded by the stunning Wallowa Mountains, the Eagle Cap Wilderness and the Wallowa Whitman National Forest. We will stay here until 5 Sep 2017, the day after the Labor Day holiday and the official end of the US tourist season. There is plenty of excellent hiking around here and the dogs and I have started exploring the trails. There are also some local breweries nearby to be evaluated. Life is good.

Tomorrow is the day of the great 2017 American eclipse. Here in Wallowa the show will start at 9:10 AM, reach it’s maximum at 10:26 AM and finish at 11:30 AM. We will experience 97% of totality. I am very much looking forward to the spectacle.

I know it’s getting old, but I have to ask. Are you enjoying the Donald show yet? To quote Heather Heyer, the young lady that died in the Charlottesville nazi rally a week ago; “if you are not outraged, you are not paying attention”.

Stay tuned, there is more to come.

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