10000 Lakes

After having traveled the entire east-west extension of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, we transitioned through the northern part of Wisconsin and entered Minnesota, the land of 10000 lakes. A two-night stopover in Duluth gave us the opportunity to explore the city before we left Lake Superior in the rearview mirror and moved to Bemidji in northwest Minnesota. Bemidji claims to be the birthplace of Paul Bunyan and proudly labels itself as the 1st city on the Mississippi river.

Marquette and Lake Superior were very enjoyable. Lake Superior is the worlds largest lake by surface and walking on its shores is just like being on an ocean. The following photo was taken one morning at 3AM when an impressive thunderstorm moved over the lake toward Marquette.


Traveling along the northern border with Canada is so much more relaxing than traveling along the southern border with Mexico. I find it quite frankly upsetting that traveling near the southern border subjects me as a US citizen to repeated stops and inquiries by border control officers. Is their conduct compatible with the Fourth Amendment of the good old US Constitution? Why are none of these policies practiced along the northern border? What is the authority of boarder control officers away from the boarder? I am traveling in my country and it’s in my opinion not okay to be stopped as if I am entering the US from abroad.

We spent two nights in Duluth at the Canal Park marina next to downtown, where we visited a few attractions and took a walk along the downtown lake front.


Y’all enjoy the Donald show yet? The politics of the current administration reminds me of the pealing of an onion? More layers, more tears, more lies and more ridiculous tweets. Thugs and amateurs are running this country.

Stay tuned.

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