Gadsden Territory

In 1853 the USA paid Mexico the amount of $10 Million for the acquisition of land south of Gadsden_Purchase_Cities_ZPthe Gila River and west of the Rio Grand River. Then US ambassador to Mexico, James Gadsden, managed the purchase. The main purpose for the transaction was the construction of a southern transcontinental railway connection. How ambassador James Gadsden got connected to the Gadsden Flag and subsequently to the tea-party I don’t know. Hmmm, it may be worthwhile to dig a little bit deeper.

We spent one week in the central southern New Mexico city of Las Cruces, on the southeastern edge of the territory purchased about 160 years ago. Las Cruces is located on the Rio Grande River in the foothills of the Organpipe National Monument and is only about 40 miles from El Paso. One can practically smell Texan BBQ here.

To be honest, we didn’t do much while we were here because it was a little bit on the warm side (for folks and dogs from northern California). However, we visited La Mesilla, hiked several times in the Organpipe National Monument and took a scenic drive through the White Sands National Monument.




Las Cruces was our last stop in New Mexico for this season. Tomorrow we will travel to the quirky little town of Marfa in the vast and empty landscape of West-Texas. Stay tuned.

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