Desert Home

Since Nov. 11, 2016 we are on Sam’s Family Spa RV Park in Hot Desert Springs outside of Palm Springs, approximately 60 miles east of Los Angeles. Surrounded by desert this facility offers access to hot springs at temperatures ranging from 110F/43C to a skin blistering 147F/64C. I soaked a few days ago and spent 20 min sitting in hot water pools, 5 of these minutes I spent in the hottest pool. After the experience I have to admit that I don’t understand how people can spend all day in these pools.

If the last week has taught me anything, it is that desert living is not for me. The lack of green and particularly the lack of trees is just too much for me. Also, even though it is November, I think it is too warm here. The average high temperature in July and August are listed at 108F/42C. That is the average we are talking about. Our neighbors here on the RV Park told us that they had temperatures as high as 121F/49C this summer. No thank you.

We will stay here until Dec. 11, 2016 and then we need to find a more moderate environment. In the mean time, we will do our very best to explore this place and enjoy what it has to offer.

While Gosia was busy becoming grandmother for the third time (welcome to your life Oscar) I hiked with the dogs in the White Water Preserve and an extensive wash across the street of the RV Park leading up to Flag Mountain. Approximately 40 miles south of Palm Springs is the northern shore of the Salton Sea. I don’t want to repeat the history of the Salton Sea in this blog but it is fascinating and worth reading about.


Stay tuned.


Election Hangover

The morning after the election we drove south for a short 70 miles in a mental haze and emerged us for two days into the Alabama Hills. No cell phone signal, no internet connection, no neighbors. We did some marvelous walks between the boulders and the dogs enjoyed running around and chasing rabbits.

The question remains, what the $%@# happened on Tuesday? Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. I can’t believe the citizens of the USA elected this guy. It’s almost like Germany 1933 again. We can’t afford that kind of mistake too many times. No nation can, not even America. Believe me, I used to be German and I know what I am talking about.

Here are some pictures from the Alabama Hills.



In the mean time we traveled to Desert Hot Springs, a small community just outside of Palm Springs. We will stay here for 1 month and amongst other things will enjoy some of the hot springs right here at the RV Park. Stay tuned.

Bishop #3

I am writing this blog one day before the presidential election in the US and I am, to say it mildly, very concerned. The remote chance to have a guy like “The Donald” run this country makes me nervous. I do have a hard time believing that half of my fellow US citizens will vote for an orange big-mouth with all of his simple solutions for complex problems. Well, in 24 hours we will know the outcome. The end is near (one way or another).

In the mean-time, let’s wrap-up our stay in Bishop. The eastern Sierra is a marvelous place for anyone less interested in window-shopping and fancy restaurants and more interested in outdoor activities. The mountains dominate the landscape and there are so many trailheads that one could play here for years. No surprise, all Sierra trails initially lead uphill.


We will leave the Tri-County Fairground RV Park in Bishop on 11/9/16 and roll south along the east side of the Sierra to Lone Pine. In Lone Pine we plan to boondock for a few days in the Alabama Hills before we continue the southward journey to Palm Springs. Daytime temperatures in the Palm Spring area have cooled down to a comfortable 80F/26C.

Stay tuned.